News: IBM Rational Releases 7 new products

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    This month, IBM Rational released a major set of new products and updates for the IBM Software Development Platform, a complete and modular platform for teams who build business applications, embedded systems, and software products. The new tools and enhancements make it easier for development organizations to build, extend, integrate, modernize, and deploy software and software-based systems in an On Demand environment.

    In addition, new Eclipse-based plug-ins are under development through a "Ready for Rational" program that helps independent software vendors create tools that complement those in the IBM Software Development Platform.

    IBM Rational releases seven exciting new products for the IBM Software Development Platform

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  2. They're not released[ Go to top ]

    Only thing is they're not released yet, and will not be this month or next month either, as far as I can see.
  3. They're not released[ Go to top ]

    The stuff that is headlined is released as far as I can see, it is the new eclipse plugins that are not and they don't claim to be either.
  4. They're not released[ Go to top ]

    No. The products are not released. They are supposed to be available "by year end" according to various articles and previews.

    I will have electronic availability to them when they are.
  5. Downloadable from 3rd December[ Go to top ]

    The e-Kits will be available for download from next Friday.
    Media will be available in January.

    For those who are familiar with WSAD, this is rebranded in Rational Application Developer. So you can regard RAD as WSAD 6.

  6. Rational Rapid Developer gone AWOL?[ Go to top ]

    The "architected RAD" tool, IBM Rational Rapid Developer seems to have disappeared off the map. Has it been dropped or just rebranded out of existence?