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    I've mailed the staff two times but I have not gotten a reply, so I guess my last shot was to register and try the Discussion Board. Here it goes:

    I've been thinking about setting up a swedish site, called "ServerSide" with the url - I stumbled upon this site (and the site to) a week ago or so - I just have to check with the staff/owners of the site that there is no problem with the naming of my site for you.

    The site in question( will be a swedish forum aimed against Webdevelopment techniques such as ASP, PHP, .NET and JSP(etc.). The forum will be Invite Only(you would be surprised if you knew how few good forums there is in swedish) and the only language spoken on the site will be Swedish.

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    "[...] Aimed towards webdevelopment[...]" is what it should say, sorry for that.