Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: how to maintain HttpSession Object between Browser windows

  1. Hi,

     Can any one tell me how to manage HttpSession Id between browser window if we have more than one browser windows.

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  2. i think nothing[ Go to top ]

    it 's maintained automatically for u by the browser as it send the cookie associated with url every request and that never change between different windows,i.e. the browser will continue to send the cookie with the JSESSIONID variable for every request originating from the same domain
  3. JSESSIONID is a session cookie[ Go to top ]

    As long as the same browser process is used (i.e., you popped the new one from the old one via the "New Window" menu, or through a TARGET attribute on an A tag), you'll share the JSESSIONID, and you'll get the same session object.

    If the new window is run from a new process, however, there's nothing to relate the two. (Note: this is a GOOD THING, as it makes it possible to have multiple sessions without each confusing the other.)
  4. JSESSIONID is a session cookie[ Go to top ]

    If the user opens a new browser window from an existing browser window, then
    both browser windows will be using the same session. I don't believe there's
    any way to check for that, at least on the server side.

    Can you please explain me with example(If possible).

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