General J2EE: How to reduce stack size used by beasvc.exe

  1. How to reduce stack size used by beasvc.exe (1 messages)

    I am facing a problem whereby weblogic 8.1 sp3 running as a service often runs out of memory. After investigation I found a description for the problem at Bea's site stating:

    "CR181986: WebLogic Server running as a service sometimes ran out of memory if it was using a large number of threads. Reducing the reserve stack size used by beasvc.exe and beasvc64.exe from 1mb to 256kb eliminated the memory problem."

    How can I reduce the stack size used by the exe files. Can any one help?

  2. -Xss<size>[k|K][m|M]
    -Xss<size>[k|K] [m|M] sets the thread stack size in kilobytes.

    In addition to setting the thread stack size, if the number of threads is high, you should use -Xallocationtype:global, as suggested in Setting the Type of Thread Allocation to reduce heap fragmentation.

    I got this information from this
    check this site it says how to set heep size,stack size etc.