News: Open Source Code Review Tool, Hammurapi 3.7, released

  1. I'm proud to announce release 3.7.0 of Hammurapi.

    There's been many changes since version 3 was annouced on TSS in July 2004.

    The most prominent new features are:
    - Quick task, which is very fast but generates simplified reports
    - History inspector
    - Technology stack inspector
    - Type and package dependency API.
    - Call trace navigation API.

    Take a look at the presentation to get familiar with Hammurapi concepts in 5 minutes.

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  2. 1. Self report on Hammurapy site reports version 3.8.0, Which version has been released?

    2. serialVersionUid constant deserves special treatment and does not have to be reported as non-conformant to the Sun’s naming conventions( even it really does not)
  3. 1. It took 12 day for TSS to publish this news post. In the mean time Hammurapi 3.8.1 has been relased.

    2. Very good point - fixed.
  4. Congrats, nice tool. Is there a maven plugin yet so it can be added to the reports in a project.xml? Last time I looked it only supported Ant.
  5. RE: Maven plugin[ Go to top ]

    Hammurapi can be run as Ant task and as a standalone Java App. I think you can use standalone version to integrate with Maven.

    There are also two Eclipse plugins under development by different authors.
  6. Eclipse plugins?[ Go to top ]

    There are also two Eclipse plugins under development by different authors.
    Links? I did a search and came up empty.
  7. RE: Eclipse plugins?[ Go to top ]

    Discussion topic: http://www.pavelvlasov.com/bb/viewtopic.php?t=155
  8. RE: Maven plugin[ Go to top ]

    I would like to know if someone already did the work of integrating this tool with Maven. PMD seamlessly integrates with Maven, and also has nice features. I would like to see Hammurapi in action and tell the companies that I support currently with PMD that they can also switch to Hammurapi. But for this to work someone will need to write that plugin, I do not have the time to do it myself unfortunately :S
    Cheers Frank Verbruggen