XML & Web services: Want to expose ejb as webservice with soap over JMS in WebSphere

  1. Hi,
    During the process of making my ejb as webservice.
    I'd to convert JMS message to SOAP message.
    so, that I can pass it to AxisEngine.invoke() through the messageContext...

    Background info:
    I'm trying to expose an ejb as WebService, WSAD makes me create a RouterEJB project and creates a MDB named JMSListenerMDB. I've deleted this MDB and made my own MDB. When I test with IBM Test client the MDB OnMessge() method executes. Then I want to handle this message by axisengie

    Can any one help..?
  2. Kiran,

         Did you overcome this issue at all.If yes can you give me a hint?.I am also having the same issue.

    Thanks in advance.

    - Giri