EJB programming & troubleshooting: JOnAs open source server is it worth a trial?

  1. JOnAs open source server is it worth a trial? (2 messages)

    Dear guru readers
    Has any body tried JOnAs Ejb Open source server
    and tested its performance
    is it worth a trial ?
    thanks in advance
  2. I have tried JOnAS, it is Ok, I have switched to jBoss, it has more functionality and seems just as stable. Jonas is very stable. Yet the CMP model had a problem in the version I originally downloaded. but it is fixed now. Hope this helps. But certainly have a look.
  3. I use JOnAS for sometime and will use even more because it is being inserted on Enhydra Enterprise. I'm currently using it with Caucho Resin and very happy with both products!!
    In my opinion, JOnAS is not so easy to use as JBoss but it is a LOT more stable product. Another point where JOnAS is vastly superior to JBoss is that it includes an distributed transaction coordinator.

    Hope it helps
    Pedro Costa