News: ObjectWeb JOnAS appserver passes J2EE 1.4 certification

  1. The JOnAS open source application server has successfully passed the Sun J2EE 1.4 Certification Test Suite. The official Sun acknowledgement is expected in the coming days. This is the result of a 9 months effort. The corresponding JOnAS version is 4.3.1, which is first provided as candidate release.

    Congratulations to the JOnAS team!

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    Visit the JOnAS home page: http://jonas.objectweb.org/
  2. Excellent news! Congratulations guys. Hope to see Geronimo certified next..
  3. Working on it :-)

    But this thread shouldn't be about Geronimo - congratulations to ObjectWeb and the JOnAS team.
  4. Congratulations from the Apache Geronimo project! Well done!

    - geir
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