EJB design: How to invoke an exe/application residing on the client machine

  1. Actually i m having a task where i have to invoke an exe or application which is residing on the client machine.
    This particular exe (or application) is to be invoked on click of a button (or hyperlink) present in the JSP (or Servlet) page.
    For example say user(the client) is typing a url .Accordingly he is being displayed output of JSP(from Server).This JSP is having a button whoose click event needs to fire an application residing on client machine itself.
    I am having trouble doing this , so kindly help me with a sample code or any othere resource.
    Thanks n kind Regards ....
  2. Not possible. And a terrible idea. Client-side scripting in web pages is denied access to the client file system for security reasons. Not really the right forum.
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    Perhaps u r right and i also think ur way but my lead has asked me to figure out a way, that is why i posted it here.
    thanks again.
    Can u tell me how licensing related thing can be sorted out if one is developing an application (using EJB,JSP and struts framework on Oracle 10g AS).Means we want to create a robust fail proof license for our product(A common licensing related problem is that after expiry a user changees the system date and the application starts working again !!).What should be the ideal approach in the above said technology to achieve this.
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    What does that have ANYTHING to do with your original question? This is the EJB design forum, anyway...