Performance and scalability: Accessing the Windows System Registry using JAVA!

  1. Accessing the Windows System Registry using JAVA! (5 messages)


    How can we access the keys and values associated in Windows System Registry using a Java Code?
  2. There is no way to do that directly, but you may write a system-dependent DLL and access the functions via natve calls. To access the Windows System Registry with JAVA directly is in opposite to the fact, that JAVA should be platform-independent.

  3. Can we have a ready made System Dependent DLL available which can access the system registry and that DLL we could use in your java code to get Native API calls.

  4. Is System Dependent DLL "ICE_JNIRegistry.dll" available with somebody, as this dll may be used to access the system registry with JNI/Java code which we need in our project.
  5. Hi ICE_JNIRegistry.dll is not working for 64 bit is there any other dll for 64 bit machine

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