Performance and scalability: how to redirect request to https

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    I'm using Jboss
    I have config SSL and certificate on port 8443 and set up redirectPort="8443" on port 8080,8009
    if I use "https://myserver:8443",it works fine,I can see the security alert window pops up since I'm using test certificate.
    but I also want request on port 8080,8009 redirect to 8443,
    I configed web.xml,then I use "http://myserver:8080",the security alert window still pops up,then the server hang.
    anybody tell me how to what happened?

    by the way,the don't want use basic,form,client login method since our application security are handlerd in database,I just want request redirect to https on 8443
    thank you
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    I dig into deep and I found:
    I type URL:"https://myserver:8443",it works(note,I'm not put page's name)
    I type URL:"http://myserver:8080",it doesn't works
    but I have to type :"http://myserver:8080/login.jsp",it works.but I already have login.jsp defined welcome-file-list.
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    check out security redirect filter in JSOS: