EJB design: Proplem in passinValues from one table to another jsp

  1. Here we r supposed to first display the list of records from the database onto a JSP page inside a table. One column in the table is RADIO button. Once the user selects a RADIO button, that particular record must be dislayed on a different page for editing purpose. Now the problem is... how do we get the radiobutton value from the front end table and retrieve the corresponding record from the database and diplay it on the next page. V thought of using JavaScript, but how do v pass the JavaScript variable to a new JSP page.
    Please give us a solution. We are desperate.
    Thank you in advance
  2. First, You should have not posted this question in this forum. It's not about EJB.

    Their are lots of way to pass a JavaScript variable's value in your post but i think, best way would be using hidden INPUT field.

    Enjoy :)