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  1. Error while exceuting jfree charts on linux (2 messages)

    An application is supposed to use JFree charts in some of the jsp pages. For this i'm using Cewolf 0.9.1, platform independent version. Now the code successfully worked in windows but the same code doesn't work in linux.
    It throws a Jasper exception in some org.jfree.ui.Drawable class. I've checked the status of cewolf which is running fine. But the jsp don't work. I need the solution of this problem urgently. Any suggestions/solutions....
  2. Java needs a windowing system to use graphics. You can get around this by running Xvfb (X virtual frame buffer daemon)on your linux box, or try running java with
  3. I've also had problems with this. The Cewolf FAQ suggest starting a 2nd display on Linux:


    If the (nicer) solution suggested above works, please let me know.