News: Vanward releases coverage tool Convergence 2.0

  1. Vanward has released Convergence 2.0. Convergence is a Java-based code quality tool that can analyze code complexity, dependency, and areas to focus on for testing.

    In addition to being a coverage tool, Convergence adds coupling analysis, and can produce tests to reduce risk, track the extent of code modifications, and analyze the documentation of a project as well, on the assumption that documentation is an indicator of code stability.

    Convergence features integration with JUnit, Subversion, CVS, and Bugzilla.

    Check out Convergence.

    Convergence has many similarities to open-source toolkits such as Clover, which have the goal of showing developers how much of their code has actually been run.

    It also stores the data over time so developers can see how code coverage and JUnit results have changed over the application lifecycle.

    The primary differentiator seems to be that it is integrated with bug-tracking tools (although the only bug-tracking tool they mention specifically is Bugzilla.)

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  2. Clover isn't open source[ Go to top ]

    clover isn't open source:


    although they do give free licenses away to select OSS projects.
  3. Clover isn't open source[ Go to top ]

    Convergence isn't open source nor free either it seems:

    Convergence Dashboard (per user) US$ 1,250.00
    Convergence Data Sync Client Tools for Java Free
    Convergence Data Sync Client Tools for .NET Free
    Convergence Data Sync Client Tools for C++ Free
  4. Here what we are looking for[ Go to top ]


    Try this one. Open source coverage and analysis plus metrics measurement. Have a very good graphical statistic etc.
    Running under Eclipse.

  5. Emma code coverage tool[ Go to top ]

    Emma is a free/open coverage tool that I've used successfully
    and been pretty happy with -- nice integration with ant:

  6. Emma code coverage tool[ Go to top ]

    I've found Emma easy to use, very fast and it produces pretty html reports similar to clover.