General J2EE: how can i prevent any end user to copy any page from my portal

  1. hello everybody,
                  We developed a portal for our client. The portal is completely developed using java beans, jps's,html's. Now, i want any end user not to copy or bookmark my site's any page, unless he's a authorized user of my site.
                  Whenever, any end user try to copy any page, i should provide him the user authentication and the after his authentication proved, then he can copy it.
                  Please provide me the solution, i'm in desparate need of it, as i've to answer my client. I'm really greateful, to those who provide me the answer pls...

    D.Seetharam kumar.
  2. Don't use web client...
    Once the HTML is in the client-side, you're lost.

    Cheers and happy coding,