TSS feedback: Some of the links in tech talk section not working

  1. Here is the one link


    The copied error message

    TheServerSide.com has recently ugraded its software. Every effort has been made to allow existing bookmarked links to pages within the site to continue operating. You are seeing this page because we were unable to translate your old-style bookmarked link to the new site (or, because there was a typo in the link URL you enterred into your browser's address field). We apologize for any inconvenience.

    The invalid URL was:

  2. Hi Murugan, thanks for pointing this out. Unfortunately, since these talks are very old and out of date, we are not supporting them anymore and will remove the links.


  3. Hi

    Since past one month none of the links I tried worked.
    I am very much dissappointed.
    Here are just to name few links which didn't work: