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    i developed a Web-Application with myEclipse and its no problem to deploy it on my local Tomcat.

    But now i want upload it, do my remote webspace. I can only choose a .war file and upload it.
    So my question is, how to create this war-file correcty?

    I have no idea how i can do that. Tools? Deploytool? build.xml? Deployment-Descriptor? -> Many problems i cant solve.
    So i hope you can give me a short tutorial how to create a "runnable" war-file.

    Thx Naggi

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    ich created a J2EE-Webproject, not a "Tomcat-Project" in myEclipse
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    You can use tools to do that.. If you're using Eclipse there are several plugins available. I used one called Lomboz which you can download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/lomboz/

    Or you can write an ant script to help you.. but if u dont know ant.. maybe at the moment you shoudl try to figure out a plugin that will help you deploy on ur remote server or atleast create the .war file.

    Sun has a technical article also on how to create a war file..maybe u've seen that already..
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    Or you can write an ant script to help you.. but if u dont know ant..

    ...sure it's the time you should learn it - sooner or later you'll have to ;). Check out the 'war' task.