News: Tech Talk: Gregor Hohpe, Integration Architect, on Messaging

  1. Gregor Hohpe, Integration Architect from ThoughtWorks and co-author of Enterprise Integration Patterns, discusses EAI and messaging from an integration standpoint, from how to think about messaging and coupling issues, synchronization of presumably-asynchronous processes, to the integration of messaging into the enterprise. He also discusses how enterprise messaging patterns were determined, and programmer mindset (as applied to asynchronous design patterns).

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    Nice interview, the EAI Patterns book doesn't really need any plug - it's already a classic. However, I do wonder if people are taking all this loosely coupled, messaging mantra to an extreme - I have seen projects where the interaction between the web tier and the business logic tier is being handled via synchronous request-reply style messaging with messages getting routed to the backend system via a message bus in-between. Phew! I have also seen ESB vendors market this style of messaging where portal applications interact with the backend systems through the ESB, again in this request-reply model. All in the name of keeping things loosely-coupled...
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    Very nice!

    I worked on a messaging product for a few years - before this book was published.

    I have to admit, the approach in this book is better.

    PJ Murray

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    A metacomment: I know a lot of effort goes into transcribing the interviews. But I actually find them extremely distracting, because when the text is right there, I end up reading it (and I read a *lot* faster than people talk.)

    I would like a default view (as in the MSDN videos) where the transcription is hidden.
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    If you're interested in more presentations by Gregor Hohpe then check out the JavaPolis presentation. ;-)
  6. whereas I would not. I don't have the proper plugins to watch the interviews in the browser. wm9 ? hello, not everyone runs Windows you know...
  7. wm9 ? hello, not everyone runs Windows you know...

    Hello, wm9 can be played on linux.