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  1. Hi,

    My Tomcat5.0 server is not starting with windows service.

    If start manually form bin directory its working fine.

    if start from windows service getting error.
    please help me

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  2. Tomcat 5.0 Error[ Go to top ]

    Please make sure you include as much relevant information regarding your problem in your post as possible.

    Things such as: What error you are getting, what operating system version you are using and the version of tomcat that you have installed.

    I have had similar problems with certain releases of tomcat 5.0.

    Try Downloading a slightly newer or older version. However, make sure you uninstall the old one completely BEFORE installing the next one!
  3. you can do it[ Go to top ]

    Update the service named 'Tomcat5
    C:\> tomcat5 //US//Tomcat5 --Description="Apache Tomcat Server - http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat "