XML & Web services: Invoking document type webservices with SAAJ

  1. Invoking document type webservices with SAAJ (3 messages)

    I have problem invoking document type webservices with SAAJ API. RPC-type webservice invocation worked correctly. Can any one help me.
  2. Hi, I was also facing the same problem with my MSOffice client trying to invoke a document/literal with attachment service. However, using a Java client is fine. Perhaps you can share more information such as your WSDL, client-type etc.
  3. Just an update to the problem described:

    MS is not supporting SOAP with Attachments, whether as a client or server. My project has reverted back to pure SOAP with XML-body so that I can ensure interop with most SOAP impls. The WS-I tools are good to ensure your WSDL and services conform to the agreed standards, but as a lesson learnt, conformance to WS-I does not always mean that the particular SOAP impl (which is said to conform) accepts. So it's still best to test it out physically.
  4. How to invoke a document/literal service from RPC DII client?It says no matching operation found?