News: Axis 1.2, web service engine for Java, released

  1. Apache has released version 1.2 of the popular Axis toolkit for web services in Java. This version has passed the JAX-RPC test kit, as well as fixing a number of bugs. At the time of this posting, the Apache Web Services website had not been updated to reflect the new release, but it can be downloaded from here.

    The team has also resolved to start releasing more often in an attempt to be more "open source," following the open source mantra about releasing early and often. The last major release of Axis for Java was in June 2004.
  2. Apache The last major release of Axis for Java was in June 2004.
    I make that June 16, 2003 which is quite a while ago !
  3. JWSDP 1.5[ Go to top ]

    SUN has been very active on Java Web Services Developer Pack, I have been working with JWSDP and it seems fine. Apache Axis releases are slower than JWSDP.

    I'm going with JWSDP from SUN because they get releases faster so this means that they can track spec. changes (WS-*) faster.

  4. C version of Axis2[ Go to top ]

    Axis2/C is the C version of the Axis2 Web services engine
  5. Right release at the right time for me.
  6. Right release at the right time for me.
    Agreed - we needed this release as well. Now if we could just get moving more on the WS-* specs it would be great. The WS-Fx project is just not up to speed yet.
  7. Attachment handling[ Go to top ]

    Which is the preferred way to send attachments in Axis? SwA or DIME? And is there plans to add support for XOP?


    Thanks for the great tool! :)
  8. WSS4J[ Go to top ]

    anyone knows the state of the WS-security implementation, WSS4J?
  9. Axis2, Dime, WS-Security - does anyone know when any if these technologies 'might' be released?