XML & Web services: Interrupting server side execution from client machine

  1. I am using SAX parsers to parse the xml from my bean. The xml is parsed and
    each element is processed and returns the result in html format. So once when the
    client invokes that parse function, periodically results are displayed on the client machine.
    Now the issue is that at some particular point the client needs to stop the display, which
    in turn need that function to get aborted, running at server-side. How can that be possible.
    How can we interrupt the server side execution from client side.
    Looking forward for some solutions on this.
  2. using xmlhttprequest[ Go to top ]

    save the xml as server session object , then use a client side javascript timeout function to xmlhttprequest parts of target xml document continueously, so you can stop/resume the process and control the break points.