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    I have two database tables say TAB1, TAB2.
    There are two ejbs for TAB1(EJB1)and TAB2(EJB2). EJB1 gives me a java.util.List of custom Person object. EJB2 also gives a java.util.List of custom Person object.
    List1 and List2 has some Person objects common. I need to compare these two List and need to create a new List which has unique of List1 and List2.
    Can someone tell which is the best way to do this?
    List 1and List2 has more than 3000 Person objects.

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  2. List Algebra[ Go to top ]

    clone listA---calling listACloned

    now listA.removeAll(listB)
    now listACloned.removeAll(listA)

    Answer is listACloned :-)
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    i mis read the question

    just use removeAll on both the lists using the other one
  4. OOPS[ Go to top ]

    I think it should be
  5. :-(
  6. Maybe out of context answer.. but why not simply do that in the DB and use a query/view (using a union-distinct) to publish the list in a new EJB?