General J2EE: so many frameworks - what to use and what not to

  1. Hi all,
           I have been a J2EE developer for more that 2 years and in this span of time I have come across so many frameworks...I mean the number is huge...and all the frameworks have something the others don’t have....so I was thinking of a initiative in sourceforge.net where we can come up probably a plug-in for eclipse that would let us create a IDE interface to incorporate all these frameworks in a single place...it would be a mammoth task but achievable...if you can do a lil bit of brainstorming we can come up with a generic platform for web frameworks at least.....if you have comments and thoughts on this please do let me know


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  2. The meta framework[ Go to top ]

    Its called Spring

  3. The meta framework[ Go to top ]

    Its called SpringJoshua

    Yes,it's great