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    I was bit confused with this basic doubt. Please excuse me if you find this too silly to answer..

    Is Java Swing part of J2EE specification?

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    That actually does not have a simple answer.

    First, the swing classes are in J2EE.

    But... many servers run in headless mode which means the native O/S does not have an X-Windows client and therefore cannot provide fonts, drawing, etc. This not only means you can;t draw to the screen, but that you cannot make calls that use this information, such as font metrics.

    - dave
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    My understanding is that Swing is actually a part of J2SE -- at least if you look at the J2SE API JavaDoc (http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/index.html) the javax.swing* classes show up there, whereas there is no mention of these classes in the J2EE API.

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    Also I opened the J2EE Specification document and did a search for "Swing" and found nothing. So to answer the original question -- No, Swing is not part of the J2EE Specification.

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    Swing is purely J2SE but it could be integrated into J2EE by using JWS for rich clients