News: Exadel Studio Pro 3.0, IDE with Hibernate, Spring, JSF, Released

  1. Exadel Studio Pro 3.0 has been released. This Eclipse-based application development suite now offers Hibernate 3.0 support and extended functionality for Struts, JSF and Spring. This new version supports Eclipse 3.1, with Exadel Studio 2.5 is still available for Eclipse 3.0 users.

    New features include:

    New Hibernate mapping tools that allow developers to create advanced database mapping for Web applications with little or no knowledge of Hibernate coding:
    • Full support for forward, reverse and "meet-at-the-middle" engineering approaches
    • Mapping validator with Quick Fix function
    • Support for refactoring between Java and Hibernate mapping metadata
    • Specialized wizards for all of the different aspects of object/relational mapping, including field and class auto-mapping with a unique incremental functionality (Named Queries, Fetch Strategy, Class Cache, DDL generation and Hibernate configuration wizards)
    WYSIWYG JSP page designer that allows users to shorten development:
    • 100% seamless WYSIWYG for both Windows and Linux environments
    • Wide range of pre-defined JSP tags, Struts tags and JSF components
    • Powerful capabilities to customize the "design-time" look for custom-made JSF components and JSP tags
    • Full support for drag and drop between project navigator, component palette and Page Designer windows
    • In-place component resizing
    Enhanced functionality that simplifies development work:
    • Improved "Project Capabilities" wizard with ability to add new capabilities to the project for Struts, JSF RI, MyFaces, Spring and Hibernate
    • Full Code Assist for JSP, XML, TLD files along with special Code Assist for JSF expression language; uses common project database that collect data about all project artifacts
    • Verification Framework for XML, JSP and Java code, JSF and Struts configuration files and advanced JSP syntax rules
    • Code generation and refactoring support for JSF Managed Beans and JSF configuration files
    For a complete list of features and functionality in Exadel Studio Pro 3.0, visit: http://www.exadel.com/products_exadelstudiopro.htm

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  2. I've been trying out the demo version of 3.0 - the Hibernate mapping pieces. So far I like it. It is good to see what a tool thinks the mapping should be.
  3. Exadel is currently[ Go to top ]

    Probably one of the best tools for eclipse if you do heavy Struts or JSF editing, the visual editor is miles better than what MyEclipse currently has to offer.
  4. From what I could see[ Go to top ]

    it is a mixture of both...
    same goes for all the webtools,
    Exadel is pretty much in the same boat as MyEclipse but they focus on less technologies, but are much further in the areas they cover.
    neither solution is perfect, but for JSF I would choose Exadel
    for other stuff probably something different, but the Exadel Drag and Drop and split view html editor is superior to anything MyEclipse has to offer in this area.
    The spring integration in Exadel is the pure Spring IDE, the Hibernate interface is a mixture of OSS stuff and their own, which adds additional value.
  5. Well I also have the two[ Go to top ]

    products licensed side by side (Exadel since they dropped the prices to neat levels)

    One of the reasons why I said what Exadel does it does better than MyEclipse was, that in the past there were almost no points where both IDEs did the same in the same areas, now that MyEclipse also goes the Hibernate JSF/Struts route (Besides other things), the common areas become more and more, but Exadel still has the Edge in both the visual editing area and in the Hibernate support, thanks to the awesome drag and drop features, which make jsp/jsf/struts form hacking lightning fast and to the extensive Hibernate features which go in all directions (from the db to the code and back and with a middle approach)

    MyEclipse tries to target more, but currently is severly back in the areas which Exadel tries to cover and focus on (which is 90% of all J2EE anyway) because they try to cover much more (and thus need more time for the features to arrive).

    But MyEclipse develops very rapidly, it is good to see that there is a good competition between the two tools (which in the end helps both), and I really can hope more people discover Exadel it deserves it, and even if not for the features because it has the saner license, with a non expiring key if you opt out of the subscription service (and a slightly higher entrance fee which still is in sane levels).
  6. Struts Hibernate and Spring Tutorial[ Go to top ]

    HI, Visit: http://www.roseindia.net/struts/hibernate-spring/index.shtml. This tutorial shows how to develop User Registration and Login Application using these technologies. Regards Deepak Kumar
  7. Excelent Tool[ Go to top ]

    Congrats to exadel !

    Having used the IBM RAD 6 tool, wich i wouldnt recommend in this stage to anybody especially its JSF tooling, NitroX jsf version and Exadel studio 3.0. I can so far only but recommend Exadel's tool ! We are currently considering it for replacing RAD 6 all together.

  8. Spring and Hibernate plugins[ Go to top ]

    Are Spring and Hibernate plugins their inhouse developed, or it is Spring IDE and Hibernate tools from respective projects ?
  9. Spring and Hibernate plugins[ Go to top ]

    Are Spring and Hibernate plugins their inhouse developed, or it is Spring IDE and Hibernate tools from respective projects ?

    Exadel Studio does not use "Hibernate Tools". Instead, we have our own Hibernate Mapping tools developed in-house. It completely covers the whole Hibernate 3.0 auto-mapping generation, plus provides advanced Hibernate Cache wizard and Fetch Strategy wizard.

    The Spring IDE is bundled as is. We will continue to improve Exadel Studio's own Spring capability, but we are not going to reinvent the functionality that the original Spring IDE has.
  10. Spring and Hibernate plugins[ Go to top ]

    I don't think that Exadel has the object querying tool (What use to be Hiberna8 IDE). Other than that, :), I like what Exadel has.
  11. Spring and Hibernate plugins[ Go to top ]

    I don't think that Exadel has the object querying tool (What use to be Hiberna8 IDE). Other than that, :), I like what Exadel has.

    Exadel Studio 3.0 has Named Queries Wizard that can execute HQL queries and show result.

    URL: http://www.exadel.com/exadelstudio/help/orm2/namedQueriesWizrd.html
  12. Spring and Hibernate plugins[ Go to top ]

    Kewl. So basically the same thing. I just have to pretend I am creating a named query. That'll work.
  13. I have sampled both MyEclipse and Exadel a year ago. I found Exadel to be far superior. The stability and ease of use made my struts development lightening fast. The Hibernate tools made my learning curve for Hibernate 2 much faster than any of the "documentation" that hibernate sold or posted.

    I have continued to check MyEclipse to make sure that Exadel hasn't dropped the ball. I still have stuck to Exadel. Good job.

    John Murray