Blogs: David Geary: "Top Ten Reasons to Prefer JSF over Struts"

  1. David Geary has blogged the "Top Ten Reasons to Prefer JSF over Struts," saying, "In general, my advice is to prefer JSF for new projects. There are sometimes compelling business reasons to stay on the Struts path for existing projects and those situations usually call for some close analysis, but let's face it: JSF is much better than Struts."
  2. Specify the ten[ Go to top ]

    It is just not okey to say JSF is better, tell how it is better. Atleast metnion the ten.

  3. Hi,

    I agree Struts is not the ONLY way to go and that it has many hidden caveats but the article should have given more explicit details of how JSF is better than Struts.