EJB programming & troubleshooting: How to run join query using CMP in Weblogic

  1. How to run join query using CMP in Weblogic (3 messages)

    Hello All,
    My need is to run join query using CMP in weblogic.I know that in BMP it is possible to do that.But my requirement is to run a query , which is fetching the data from one table, Also depending upon some values in other table. So i have to use join query. but i am not able to do that...Please anybody help me....I am in great need..
  2. Sorry... but that isn't possible using CMP in WebLogic. You can do some join-like behavior with EJB 2.0 and WLS 6.0, but not exactly what you are describing.
  3. If you use TopLink you can join tables using TopLink queryBuilder.
  4. I have a situationa where by i need to fetch data from 2 tables(releated with each other) , i need to use a join in this situation. But am unable to implement thru CMP in WL6.Can you please guide me like how to implement this ?