News: TheServerSide Creator Floyd Marinescu leaves TSS after 6 years

  1. Dear TheServerSide Community,

    I am leaving my job as Editorial Director of TheServerSide Communities and co-editor of TSS.com, after nearly 6 years of service. I created TheServerSide nearly 6 years ago and it's definitely been a labour of love experience, and I'm sorry to go. Other projects I put together as part of this experience include the TheServerSide Java Symposium conference, the book EJB Design Patterns, and of course, TheServerSide.NET community.

    TheServerSide.com has become the largest Java community in the world, with over 600,000 unique visitors a month. But more importantly (at least in as far as I judge myself), by being the place where new ideas and trends are first discussed and promoted, TSS has become an active contributing force to the evolution of Java and it's community. Knowing that TSS has connected so many people together, "incubated" a number of trends into full adoption, and in general helped so many people stay up to date with things, validates the time and commitment I put into it.

    TSS has always been bigger than one person, and will continue without me. I have been working with Joseph Ottinger as Site Editor since March and am confident that he'll continue getting quality news and content on the site. I'd also like to thank some key people who played a big part in helping me and TSS get to where we did:

    Ed Roman - founder of TMC and the man who hired me to do all this
    Roxanne Beverstein - who led the sales and business model behind TSS
    Dion Almaer - Dion was TSS' Editor and Architect for almost 2 years
    Martin Källström - The most talented graphics artist i've ever met - designed TSS' site graphics in '99 and again in 2004
    Ted Neward & Paul Ballard - Editors who made TSS.NET successful
    Nitin Bharti - Editor, Webmaster, Ad support, and more
    Nuno Teixiera - Webmaster and Graphics Artist who does all the article graphics
    Lloyd Benson and Neven Cvetkovic - IT Managers who gave TSS near 100% uptime
    Jody Benyunes - Camera guy who produces the tech talks
    Jay Zimmerman - who helped launch the first TSS Symposium
    Tyler Jewell, Salil Deshpande, Adam Berman, Ken Marlin, Eric Preston - past co-workers
    All of the active members and contributors on TSS, especially Cameron Purdy, Billy Newport, Rod Johnson, Cedric Beust, JBoss, and more.
    BEA, Oracle, HP, and Barry Ewell from Rational (now IBM) - whose early sponsorhships helped launch the business behind TSS, and Greg Leake from Microsoft for TSS.NET.

    So what's next for me? I haven't decided yet. I'll definitely get back into coding, I might write a book, I might do some consulting, I've even considered starting a different community site next year some time. I'll definitely take some time off to travel and speak at more conferences, especially Java in Action and TheServerSide Java Symposium, as well as JAOO and a conference in Brazil. If you're interested in what I'm up to next, watch my blog dynamicsemantics.blog-city.com. I might post a bit more about the history of TSS and will definitely be keeping it up to date with what I'm up to going forward. You can also email me at my "firstname at firstnamelastname dot com" if you have any personal questions.

    And of course, I will continue to post news on TSS now and then as a columnist, and now that I don't need to be neutral anymore, perhaps even get involved in the threads! Good bye TSS, it's been an amazing experience!


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  2. Floyd: Best of luck in your future endeavors. I've greatly enjoyed the work we've done together over the past many years. Whatever you do next will be stellar, just because you are involved.

  3. Best Wishes ......[ Go to top ]

    I am so sorry to hear that you are leaving. As
    an honest reader of TSS in the past few years,
    I would like to thank you a lot and I wish you
    the best luck!

    Shiye Qiu
  4. Floyd: It's been an honor working with you these many years. Thank you for your passion and commitment to your work and your level of integrity. I too have greatly enjoyed working with you and the entire team of TSS both past and present. Here's to your future success!

  5. Floyd,
    You will certainly be missed!

    It was good to meet you in past few TSSJS and JavaOnes. Hope to see you again in those conferences

    Wish you good luck for all your future endeavors.

  6. Thank you and good luck[ Go to top ]

      I have been following the TSS posts for over 5 years now. IMO, so far this is the best and the most valuable site for server side related content. I thank you for all the dedication and effort you have put into this.
     I wish you all success in you new endeavor.

  7. All the Best Floyd[ Go to top ]

    Hi Floyd,
          Your Design Patterns book is one among the best.Wish you all the best in your future endeavors :-)

    E. Raja.
  8. Sorry to hear that.[ Go to top ]

    It's been a great few years working with you on the TSS. You've done a great job building the community and TSS in parallel.

    Lets hope the next 6 years go as well :)

  9. Floyd, I've told you privately already, but hey, who needs privacy?

    It's been a real pleasure working with you these past few months. I've appreciated your attention to detail and the vision you bring to every project, and I'm honoured to be considered your friend.

    I wish you all the best, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to next - live long and prosper, mate, and may all your Christmases be white. :)
  10. To a great colleague and friend[ Go to top ]


    It's truly been an amazing experience working with you and watching TSS grow under your strong leadership, integrity and community vision.

    I am certain that these qualities, including your passion and creativity will help you in all your future endeavors, whatever you decide to do.

    You've been a great colleague and a true friend. It's been a tremendous experience working with you.

    I wish you all the best.

  11. goodbye[ Go to top ]

    Floyd was the heart and soul behind this web site. He had a constant passion for making it succeed and was singularly focused on constantly improving it. His dedication and commitment to this web site is unparalleled in my experience.

    It was truly amazing having the opportunity to work with Floyd, and his departure will be a great loss to this site. I can only pray that Tech Target wises up and hires someone good to fill in, although of course nobody could ever replace Floyd.

    Floyd, best of luck in your new endeavors -- you deserve and will have huge success.

    -Ed Roman
  12. goodbye[ Go to top ]

    I can only pray that Tech Target wises up and hires someone good to fill in, although of course nobody could ever replace Floyd.Floyd, best of luck in your new endeavors -- you deserve and will have huge success.-Ed Roman

    HEY!!! :)
  13. goodbye[ Go to top ]

    Floyd was the heart and soul behind this web site. He had a constant passion for making it succeed and was singularly focused on constantly improving it. His dedication and commitment to this web site is unparalleled in my experience.It was truly amazing having the opportunity to work with Floyd, and his departure will be a great loss to this site. I can only pray that Tech Target wises up and hires someone good to fill in, although of course nobody could ever replace Floyd.Floyd, best of luck in your new endeavors -- you deserve and will have huge success.-Ed Roman

    Wow thanks Ed, those are wonderful words coming from a former boss, and mentor.

    I would like to repeat for all the TSS readers however that Joseph Ottinger has been TSS.com's Site Editor since March and has my full confidence, as does Paul Ballard on TSS.NET - and my confidence, especially where TSS is concerned, is very hard to come by! :)

  14. goodbye[ Go to top ]

    I can only pray that Tech Target wises up and hires someone good to fill in, although of course nobody could ever replace Floyd.-Ed Roman

    If you have so much passion for TSS, do you want to join back to TSS? If Joseph Ottinger is going to be the editor of TSS, then, he should be given freedom to manage this site his way. As a reader of this site for a number of years, I want to see myself and others play fair. Your other points are very well taken though, no hesitations.

    No reply from you expected.
  15. Floyd,

    Thank you for being my conference partner-in-crime. I've always enjoyed our talks on how to improve conferences, challenge each other on new ideas and talk about hot Java topics & speakers.
    I know we'll meet again and probably collaborate in our next lives.

    Thank you for helping the (open-source) Java Community move to higher grounds.

    -Stephan Janssen
  16. Good Luck Floyd[ Go to top ]

    It was a pleasure meeting you at JavaOne and best of luck in your new ventures. You have a perceptive instinct and I'm sure you'll apply successfully in the future.

  17. You'll be missed!!!!

    I hope you don't surface someplace w/ C#.
    thanks for a great time.
  18. I hope you don't surface someplace w/ C#.

    Yeah right. C# sucks and Floyd knows it.


    But this wouldn't be a TSS thread if someone didn't throw down. ;-)

    Floyd...we'll miss you.


    Clinton Begin
    iBATIS/JPetStore Creator
    Java, C#, and now...Ruby?
  19. You'll be missed!!!!I hope you don't surface someplace w/ C#.thanks for a great time..V
    Yes, that's right. His time spent working with us at TSS.NET has finally had him see the light. He's giving up on this crazy Java stuff and going to study the one true language: VB.NET!!
  20. You'll be missed!!!!I hope you don't surface someplace w/ C#.thanks for a great time..V
    Yes, that's right. His time spent working with us at TSS.NET has finally had him see the light. He's giving up on this crazy Java stuff and going to study the one true language: VB.NET!!

    This multi language support in .NET is really a joke. Instead, it should be called multi syntax support(VB syntax, C# syntax, J# syntax etc etc).
  21. It was nice meeting you during the first TSS in 2003. That's when I met several other people. I have been in touch with Rick Ross (JavaLobby) after that symposium.

    Floyd, your leaving TSS kind of stuns me. It's not April 1 today? Truely, I will be equally shocked if somebody told me Rick Ross was leaving JavaLobby!

    Best wishes!

  22. Happy trails, Floyd! I'm sure we'll meet again on the technological merry-go-round!

  23. Aww[ Go to top ]

    I don't often give credit, and as tempted I am to rant and rave at you thanking jboss, I'll resist.

    Good job, there are few people in this incestuous little community of ours who have a good diplomatic touch, and know what to say and when to say it in a professional context (and more importantly, when not to say it), and within TSS, you managed it.

    Good luck!
  24. Thanks for All The Fish[ Go to top ]

    Thank you for providing a great web site.

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to reach a big audience with my published TSS articles.

    Good luck in whatever your next endeavours are

    Peter Pilgrim
  25. Thank you...[ Go to top ]

    So long, and thanks for all the fish ;) Let us know what you're up to next, once you have it figured out ;)

    Yoav Shapira
  26. At bloody last !!![ Go to top ]

      One of the great players of the early 21st century, made his name on TSS, a popular BBS at the beginning of century. Floyd left in 2005 to become a great name in Java, a key player in several founding architectures of the early 2000s. Despite being mentioned on the Bile Blog he was respected by over 600,000, of which at least 7 weren't employed by JBoss.

    Brave move Floyd, I look forward to working with you in the future.

  27. Best wishes for your next adventure ;-)


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol Coherence: Clustered Shared Memory for Java
  28. Thank you Floyd[ Go to top ]

    Thank you for your effort on the site over the past 6 years.
    We all miss you and wish you all the best in the next move.

  29. Thank You[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for all your contributions and effort!
  30. Go Have Some Fun![ Go to top ]


    Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the Java Enterprise community. I've definitely enjoyed working with you, and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

    Craig McClanahan
  31. Amazing Work![ Go to top ]

    I have been a regular reader of TSS for the past 3 years now and am amazed at the content that this site has to offer.
    Wishing FM all the best and hoping that TSS would contunue to awe me!
  32. Thanks[ Go to top ]

    Hi Floyd,

    I remember our first email exchange back in 2000 about having a a Java Component Directory on TSS. I remember that at that time I was suprised I even got an answer from the "TSS manager" to my email! That shows how receptive you are to new ideas!

    Thanks for TSS, a great site. You and your team did a great job. Thanks also for introducing me to the "java community" by inviting me to speak at the TSS Symposiums. Thanks for the tech talks, thanks to... the list could go on ;-)

    Best luck in your next endeavour and let's keep in touch.

  33. Floyd,

    All the best in your future endeavours. I think you've done a fantastic job building a real community here, and I'm sure you'll bring the same dedication and insight into whatever else you do.

    AFAIK Floyd was also largely responsible for organizing the TSS Symposiums, and making them such a technically valuable experience. This was also a real achievement. I hope the events continue in the same spirit.

  34. Thank you for creating a site that is stimulating, educational (for me, anyway!) and often amusing.
  35. So what's next for me? I haven't decided yet.

    Yeah right. You've had a job offer from Google haven't you?
  36. Floyd,

    All the best and thanks a lot for all the knowledge that i was able to gather through tss. Keep it up!

  37. All the Best[ Go to top ]

    Iam a regular visitor to this site . I have learnt lots of new things from TSS . I feel this site which you created is one of the best site for the java community.
    Wish you all the best in your future endevours.
  38. Thanks for all your hard work over the years Floyd! Good luck on whatever it is you end up doing next.

  39. Thanks a lot!![ Go to top ]

    Sorry to hear this, i have been following TSS since 2000 when i started my career as a java programmer.It has been a great experience to read TSS all through the years. I learnt a lot from TSS and ... For all your great work .... A BIG THANKU...


  40. Floyd :
    So what's next for me? I haven't decided yet.



    Thanks Floyd! Best wishes.

  41. Floyd :
    So what's next for me? I haven't decided yet.
    TheClientSide.com:)Thanks Floyd! Best wishes. Geir


    Been a reader of this site for 4 years, and looks how it
    influence on Industry incredibly growing up over that time, I ask you:

  42. TheClientSide.com

    Already registered by...

    Floyd Marinescu!

    Best Of Luck, Floyd,

    Phil Hersh
  43. TheClientSide.comAlready registered by...Floyd Marinescu!Best Of Luck, Floyd,Phil Hersh
    Indeed. Quite a forward looking in 2000 ;) Now it is time to put this domain to work! Best wishes!
  44. theClientSide.com[ Go to top ]

    The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET, .EDU domains and
    domain: theclientside.com
    owner: Floyd Marinescu
    email: mydomains at floydmarinescu dot com
    address: b3-15 280 Phillip St.
    city: Waterloo
    state: Ontario
    postal-code: N2L 3X1
    country: CA
    phone: 1 416 410 3060
    created: 2000-10-02 14:11:32 UTC
  45. We will miss you[ Go to top ]

    The Java & J2EE developer community will definitely miss your presence from The ServerSide.
  46. l8r[ Go to top ]

    Floyd Marinescu,

    Continued success in keeping life interesting. "Ed Roman's public beatings", floggings, and conquistadors(Greg Leake and company).

    You can expect to see "nn" on your up and coming community site.
  47. Cheers Floyd![ Go to top ]

    Thanks for a great site.
  48. Thanks a lot[ Go to top ]

    I just want to say 'Thanks a lot'. You did a great work with TSS. Good Luck in your future projects!
  49. Are you sure you want to quite?[ Go to top ]

    Please select an appropriate option:

    [NO] [CANCEL]
  50. Good luck, Floyd[ Go to top ]

    You can be proud of this site. I use it every day to keep up with developments in enterprise java and have found it to be very valuable.

    Good luck!
  51. Hi Floyd,
      You may not know it. But you are the one who taught me EJB Design patterns. I have been a regular reader here. And i hope that you wont stay totally away from TSS.

     All the best you your future.
  52. Red Carpet[ Go to top ]

    This thread is turning into star studded Red Carpet event...

    Anyways, all the best Floyd...
  53. Hi,

    Wish you all the best for your future move.

    up a Thanks
    Ravi Rasappan.
  54. Thanks for all the fish[ Go to top ]


    I can't compete with the other posts, but it was a pleasure working together on TSS for those years.

    To make something this popular from a seed in Ed Roman and your eyes.... special.

    Kudos, and here's to the next bigger and better idea!


    Dion Almaer
  55. Good wishes...[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for your contribution to java community. All the best for next adventure.
  56. "Floyd Marinescu leaves TSS"

        just like

    "Bill Joy leaves Sun"

    Good Luck!
  57. Congratulaitons Floyd[ Go to top ]

    I cant wait to see and particpate in your next (ad)venture!

  58. All the best for future endeavors... I think we are watching with interest as where you end up. Keep in touch!
  59. But the real question...[ Go to top ]

    Hey, best of luck! You've truly done a great job here and a great service to the Java community.

    But the real question is... Are you going to grow your hair out again?

  60. Floyd - thanks for all your hard work on the TSS - its been a valuable resource for all of us. Good luck in whatever you find yourself doing next.

    See you around,

  61. Floyd,

    Under your leadership, TSS has become a great site/community. It has been informative, educational, thought provoking, and sometimes outright funny. TSS has provided a remarkable outlet for people to share their knowledge, experience, passion, emotions, and wit.

    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

    -- Damodar Periwal
    Software Tree, Inc.
    Simplify Data Integration
  62. The last six years have been good for Java and TSS has played a very important role in that success. My best wishes for your future projects.


    Igor Zavialov
    Factoreal Financial Data and Technical Analysis solutions.
  63. Floyd,

    I guess I'll just echo what everyone else is saying here. You've done a great job building TSS, and the sites, as well as the conferences, are valuable resources, and actually have an impact on the community as a whole (which is hard to do). I've also been very impressed with how easy it is to work with you guys.

    Enjoy your break. I think it's safe to say that the community is anxious to see what you do next :-).

    Kito D. Mann
    Author, JavaServer Faces in Action
    http://www.JSFCentral.com - JavaServer Faces FAQ, news, and info

    Are you using JSF in a project? Send your story to trenches at jsfcentral dot com, and you could get your story published and win a free copy of JavaServer Faces in Action!
  64. Floyd,

    thanks for creating such a great community. I'm sure it's valuable to a lot of us. It sure has been for me!

    Continue to keep up the good work dude!

  65. Thanks so much everyone!!![ Go to top ]

    I am overwhelmed with all the support I see in this thread. Thanks so much everyone! I feel like I'm at the oscars. :)

    I feel so personally fulfilled to know that so many people have benefited from my work! Thanks again!

    getting drunk right now,

  66. Virtual Mentor[ Go to top ]

    You have been a virtual mentor to many of us and many a times during our projects we have used your explanation or your opinion . This would be a big loss for people . We always look forward for your inputs . But Life moves on ,So best of luck for your future endevours .

  67. Thanks so much everyone!!![ Go to top ]

    Thanks so much everyone! I feel like I'm at the oscars. :)
    ...in which case that kind of thank you will never do. What about your goldfish? Your therapist? Your driver?
  68. Sorry to see u leave.
    Thanks for all your help.

    Best wishes,
  69. Thanks a lot !!![ Go to top ]

    I would like to thank you for all that I have learnt from this site and "EJB Design Patterns".

    All the best !!!!

    Cheers :)
    Karthik Banda
  70. Thanks[ Go to top ]

    Hi Floyd,

        I have been following TSS since last 3 years. It has really been helping me to get updated with all new things in Java Community. Browsing through TSS news is one of my routine work I do everyday.

    Again Thanks for this great work.
    All the best :)
  71. Floyd, I think that I started reading your site in 1997 or 1998. Am I right ? Hasn't it been more than 6 years ?

    Best wishes.

  72. Goodbye![ Go to top ]

    I'm sure many people feel the same way I do (I wanted to wait a day before posting to let more significant contributors make their responses).

    I will miss the work you put in to the site that I make a regular stop during my development day. I haven't found a better place to keep up to date in a rapidly changing environment. I'm not sure of all of your contributions (probably only you know fully), but I know they were significant, and will be missed.

    All the best in your future!

  73. For years TTS has been a great resource for me, just like it has been for thousands. Floyd, I am looking forward for your next (ad)venture.

  74. Hi Floyd,

    Thank you very much for all your contributions
    and Best of Luck for all future endeavour.
    You'll be missed anyway.

  75. Thanks for your hard work, Floyd, and good luck!

  76. Thank You for your contributions to the Java community and for publishing my JMS Paper on the Serverside back in 2003.

    Good Luck and God Bless
  77. Thanks a lot Floyd![ Go to top ]

    Hi Floyd,

    you've created a great and an indispensable resource with TSS. I already use this site from the beginning (wow, already 6 years old... that's really old, especially in our business ;-)). Hope to see you soon with all your new ideas ;-)

    Good luck and all the best!
  78. Many Thanks[ Go to top ]

    Hi, TSS is one of the source I visited pretty much everyday. I have been following TSS since 2001. I learned a lot from the community.
    I like to thank you for creating such a wonderful site and community, and sorry to see you leave this place. I hope the best for you.

  79. Best of luck and many thanks[ Go to top ]


    Best of luck in whatever you do next, and thank you for all your hard work over the years. You have made a huge impact on the community and your presence will be missed until you pop up again.

    Vince Frisina
  80. Thank you and all the best![ Go to top ]

    Hi Floyd,
    Thank you and your team for creating such a wonderful resource. TSS has been a "one stop Resource" for me to keep myself up to date on java/j2ee technology front.

    As a consultant/developer, I have been able to help my clients make better technology decisions, with successful implementations because of the information available at TSS.

    I may not have heard of Technologies like Hibernate and Spring (some of which we are successfully using in our projects) if TSS wouldn't have been there.

    "EJB Design Patterns" helped me to move one step further in my understanding as a Developer/Designer/Architect a couple of years ago.

    Good luck and hope you come up with something even better in your future endeavours.
  81. Evolution or Revolution.[ Go to top ]

    Hi Floyd,

    Back in the heady days when no one knew the difference between a value bean and a DTO. Or how singletons were fantastic, but then became satan spawn to TDD. Or even how SOA could save the day, presumably with the help of AOP POJO's with a little OR. Not to forget how servlet begat JSP begat Struts/velocity/tapestric and now ruby/spring/jsf. Oh the choices! - to hibernate from toplink instead of EJB1,2,3. TO be stateless, stateful or cached (distributedly).

    Back in these days the lively server side was where I went, in all my many consultancy roles over the last 6 years. It has been a superb predictor of java fashion and a great place to chat/discuss with people at the coal face of any given technology.

    So congrats on a job very well done, and a prosperous future for you.

    ps And look: No product plug!
    pps Robin, sorry, didn't mention JDO!
  82. Evolution or Revolution.[ Go to top ]

    pps Robin, sorry, didn't mention JDO!

    No problem, Jonathan.

    It's bright and shiny and really cool and can be exceptionally fast and provides the perfect abstraction level, it supports an easy-to-use SELECT... query language expressed in domain object model terms, and is an excellent choice today even if considering even newer things in the future (since most vendors support both), so I'm sure someone else will mention it!

    My thanks go to Floyd for creating the community along with best wishes for his future endeavours.

    Kind regards, Robin.
  83. Evolution or Revolution.[ Go to top ]

  84. "Live long and prosper..." (and let's make sure we go to startrekexp again should you organize a "TCS" :) Symposium in Vegas anytime!

    Thanks for TSS, and best of luck for your next endeavor.
  85. best wishes[ Go to top ]

    I remember the day in 1999 when working with Floyd in California, I said, "let's go to this San Jose Java SIGS conference". He met Ed Roman there, and the rest is history.

    Back in 1999, there were many grass-roots Java sites popping up everywhere, all with significant corporate sponsorship, and pretty much all of them died a quick death. TheServerSide took off in the face of its competitors for one reason -- passion. I think that Floyd understood what it took to build a community -- post early, post often, exploit the drama, and ensure you sustain the momentum.

    Congratulations on your decision, and best wishes to the future. I know we'll stay in touch -- must have more drunken parties and/or sushi dinners in the future ;-)

  86. TheFloydSide.com[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations for your decision Floyd !

    I'm conviced that it's the start of something bigger that everyone of us will enjoy !

    See you soon.

  87. Floyd, I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed your site. I have worked in the Java space since 1999. I work for a "Large Blue" company as an IT Architect and reading and posting to TSS has been very educational and fun. I am also an Infantry Officer in the Georgia Army National Guard. While deployed 2001 in Bosnia, I would continue to read the postings on TSS to keep up with the latest IT trends. Now, I am deployed in Baghdad with 2-121 Infantry 48 BCT continuing to read TSS to keep up with new Java techniques and practices (when I am not outside the wire). With that said, thank you and all others for making TSS a primary site for me.

    John Avera
  88. Thank-you Floyd![ Go to top ]

    It's been a great experience working with you and I wish you the best of luck with any future endeavors!

    Lauren Cooney
  89. Floyd has left the building![ Go to top ]

    Haven't posted on the TSS in years, but finally found a compelling reason to: Thanks for creating this great community Floyd, your legacy will live on. And good luck in your further J2EE escapades!

  90. Floyd has left the building[ Go to top ]

    Why dude?! I only hope you will not create another Server side clone and weaken the movement. Cannot imagine TSS without you, though.
  91. Greetz from the Belgian fanz :)[ Go to top ]

    Floyd, I just, like anyone else over here want to wish u all the luck you might need...Please pm me once when u have some time and I hope we can once again party if your in Belgium...

    All the best,
    Philip Nollet
  92. Hey Floyd![ Go to top ]

    You certainly were an integral part of TMC and TSS. Thanks for everything you have done to keep all of your projects successful! Best of luck in the future, and don't be a stranger!

    Michelle White