EJB design: Error in deploying EAR in JRUN4.0

  1. Error in deploying EAR in JRUN4.0 (3 messages)

    I tried deploying .ear in JRun4.0 and was sucessful and it gave the following error message:

    info Deploying enterprise application "null" from: file:/C:/JRun4/servers/admin/CommonComponentsJ2EE.ear

    The CommonComponentsJ2EE.ear file contains the necessary .war and .jar files. The .ear file is NOT "null".

    I would appreciate your help,

    Thanks !

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    hello am also getting the same problem... how did u solve that ..pls help me

  3. Can you post here the XML files used to configure this EAR?

  4. hi[ Go to top ]

    r u wrking on jrun?