Performance and scalability: Performance and Scalability of JSP and ASP

  1. Performance and Scalability of JSP and ASP (2 messages)

    I was wondering if some one provides some information about scalability and performance.

    Scalability of JSP vs. ASP (which one is better?)

    Performance of JSP vs. ASP (which has better performance?)

    I have been looking for graphs, and charts that compare JSP vs. ASP (scalability and performance) but I couldn't find any. If anyone knows any link which has scalability of performance graph of ASP vs. JSP, please let me know.
  2. very broad question...[ Go to top ]

    Your question is incredibly broad and very hard to answer.

    What do you mean by asp vs jsp, Java vs ASP.NET...?
  3. There are answers you can google it.