News: Ristretto 1.0, protocol-level mail API for Java, released

  1. Ristretto 1.0 has been released. Ristretto is the mail API used by Columba, a Java mail client, and aims to provide specific protocol features that JavaMail currently doesn't allow due to its higher-level abstractions.

    Ristretto's online documentation, however, consists only of the API documentation, although the binary download has some examples of the API in use. Since the API is aimed directly at the protocol level, understanding of POP, IMAP, and SMTP provide information about how to use the API.
  2. Is Jboss Mail server using Ristretto for implementing IMAP server ?
  3. No. JBMS will have an IMAP sevrer. Ristretto has an IMAP client. There are many reasons why one is not the same as the other.