News: Microsoft and Sun finally settle Java Disputes

  1. Microsoft and Sun finally settle Java Disputes (2 messages)

    Microsoft has agreed to pay Sun Microsystems $20m to end a bitter three-year battle between the two industry giants over Java. As part of a settlement, Microsoft must terminate their previous licensing agreement and not use Sun's Java-compatible trademark.

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  2. Have you all read the new MSFT initiative for JUMP (Java User Migration Path to .NET). Do you think SUNW will sue again?
  3. I love this quote from Scott McNealy: "The community wants one Java technology: one brand, one process and one great platform."

    No, *Sun* wants one brand, process, and platform. Otherwise they wouldn't need lawyers to kill J++, now would they?

    I hate to say this, but Sun is very quickly becoming just as big a bully as Microsoft ever was. And McNealy is starting to sound like he's making instant coffee commercials.