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  1. How to access file of different war file. (2 messages)

    I have two wars part of an ear.
    I am trying to access a file of second war file in the first one.
    I am using Rataional application developer.
    In the project references i have linked the other war file to the first one.But i m still unable to access the file.It gives me filenotfound exception.

    Please let me know where am i goin wrong.
  2. Ok, first I have to tell you that you shouldn't do that. It is not scalable (think in a clustered environment or having those 2 web app running in different servers.....)

    Now that my conscience is clean....
    The quickest thing to is:
    You can have that file in the file system istead of inside of the war file, or you can have your file inside the war side but access it using java.io (using the full os path) like a normal file.
  3. See for example Unzip servlet in JSOS: