Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: How to integrate two web applications based on diffrent framewk

  1. I have two opensource web applications. One is implemented on tapestry, the other is with struts. I want to implement that the two applications can access to each other wirelessly which means when a user has logoned tapestry, he can access the struts application without authenticating again.
      My question is following:
      Is it possible to integrate two application into a whole web application which means two parts share same session or I have to configure two diffrent web application and make seccond one to get the authentication information from the first one through programming ways.
      Which one is better and how? thanks a lot.
  2. Better way to do it is programmatically. Reason is that when you are using two different web applications, those will not share the same session.
  3. thanks!
  4. If done from programmatically, how can this be done? I've a similar requirement, I'm thinking to use a html anchor tag and passing required data as request parameter to the second webapp. Will that work? I don't need to store/retain the same session? Both apps can work with two independent sessions.