XML & Web services: error while deploying in weblogic,plz reply

  1. error while deploying in weblogic,plz reply (2 messages)

    hai everybody,
    when i try to deploy my servlet class, the following error appears on my screen,

      " No j2ee component found in d:\krisp\programs\servlets"

    I've installed weblogic in c: drive and my servlet classes in d:\krisp\programs\servlet.

    what should i do?..please help me, it's very urgent.
  2. Hi,

    Check you classpath for your J2EE.jar and other jar files.

  3. check for the following things:--
    1.classpath for weblogic
    2.check ur application has the right directories path..i mean WEB-INF,web.xml...etc
    3.Or Please create a war file and deploy it....

    still if problem persist plz mail agn