Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Does a framework like JSF, Struts etc support page cache api?

  1. I hear about the terms data cache api and page cache api's. These api's help your web application support heavy loads of web traffic.

    If I were to use any one of the popular frameworks such as JSF, Struts, Webwork, or Spring.... do I get data cache api and page cache api built in?

    Which MVC frameworks support data cache api?

    Which MVC frameworks support page cache api?
  2. See for example Cache taglib in Coldtags suite:
  3. In a server, some sort of "Data Retrieving" makes load on application server.First connecting &retrieving data from a database is the most popular.Second, session mechanism is better than retrieving from a database, but it is also has its own load. the best way for downsizing load of application server is to to store data on the client side(In the Html with Base64 format). You can cache, database data in the session or client side, but in the other hands you lost the performance in the lower requests, too.
    For more information you can read "Enterprise System Architecture" written by "Martin Fowler".
  4. So basically JSF, Struts, do not have these cache api's built in. The advice was to either write my own or use another separate framework.

    So now here's the 2nd question. What is the most popular page cache api in the Java community? What is the most popular data cache api in the Java community?