General J2EE: Alternative Design solution for Java Beans(Domain Object Design)

  1. Hi All,

    I am looking for alternative Design solution for Java Beans(regular beans). Right now I am using Java Beans to store the data that comes from DAO object. Setting this databean into request scope to use on JSP page. Now I want to change this databean design to Domain Object Design. Can any one help me how to design Domain Object modle.


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  2. Use MVC pattern[ Go to top ]

    First,never use control logic in JSPs.You can use some other classes as controller that get DAO objects then, per each view, you have to consider the information that it need(from analysis DOCs & prototypes), after your controller must change the data or map them to the exacly what your JSPs(views) need. In this case your JSPs just get the data and dispaly them.