General J2EE: Problem deploying EJB in Websphere 5 Express Edition

  1. HI ALL,
        The problem encountered is that we are not able to deploy EJB in websphere 5 Express edition. We can deploy our application in Websphere 6 , websphere 5 (Base edition).
        Going to the root of the problem it was encountered that express edition (WAS 5) did not contain deploytool.
       The entire directory <appserver_home>/deploytool was missing.
       Is that websphere 5 EE do not explicitly provide this deploytool or is our installation source is corrupted (PS. It did not gave any error while installation).
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sanket Raut
  2. Websphere 5 Express Edition does not support EJB, there is no EJB container in Websphere Express.
  3. Thanks a lot buddy........