News: eoSense beta J2EE Test and Analysis tool released for WebLogic

  1. eoSense offers a new way to rapidly and automatically detect problems in J2EE construction by using a technique called Derived Model Analysis. This technique uses framework and application server knowledge to construct a dynamic model of a running application server.

    Using this derived model a J2EE application can then be explained at a conceptual level. Detailed dynamic diagrams can be constructed from J2EE concepts , (e.g. EJB's, JMS, JTA, JDBC services...) allowing J2EE deployments to be rapidly understood.

    The derived model can be analysed allowing the automatic detection of a broad range of construction problems. This analysis allows eoSense to automatically detect commonly understood anti-patterns and bad practices and explain these to a developer in terms of the conceptual model created.

    eoSense is available to download in beta form for the BEA WebLogic application server from eoLogic.

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    I dont think this tool knows the context in which the decision has been made.