General J2EE: OC4j 10.1.2 with IBM MQ Series does not rollback message

  1. Hi

    I have configured oc4j 10.1.2 with IBM MQ 6.0. I am able to send messages, but whenever i am trying to rollback the message from my OnMessage method, the message is not put back in the IBM MQ. Instead the message is shown as delivered.

    Can any one help and let me know whether any configuration needs to be done with IBM MQ for rolling back the message.

  2. Hi, I need to configure the OC4J10.1.3 With IBM MQ 6.0 Can you please point me the links from where i can get proper documentation. Thanks...
  3. I am trying to integration oC4j 10.1.12 with IBM MQ. Since you have already done this. Could you please send me the documentaiton link to start the process. If you dont have nay doc then please send me the sample code

    my mail id is mailtobaskyatyahoo.com