EJB programming & troubleshooting: How to set the isolation level of transaction in EJB?

  1. Who know how I can check and set the isolation level (e.g., TX_serializable) of transactions in EJB?
  2. U can see the Isolation level in the deployment descriptor xml file and also can set it by changing the same. If you are using some kind of IDE it can be done by bean properties .
  3. What I am using is SUN's deploytool, but I was unable to find the place to set the transaction isolation level. Could you tell me how to set it?
  4. You cannot set it via deploytool since it is not the part of the deployment descriptor. You will have to set it manually inside your java classes.
  5. You can manually set the isolation level for a particular transaction by using setTransactionIsolation() and specifying the level you want.