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    Hi All, I am involved in developing a web applicaiton named say xyz.com. When I enter the url >> http://www.xyz.com/mysearch/itemsearch.jsp it shows me the item list page and the other urls. well I want to change the url and if user enter >> http://www.itemsearch.xyz.com It should show the same result i.e item list page and the other urls. how it is possible. Anybody please tell me ... Like the following url works........ http://community.java.net/ http://developers.sun.com/forums/ http://developers.sun.com/prodtech/support/ Thanks in advance Please reply soon. Harish Pathak

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    So basicly your wanting to map a URL like: http://myneetosite.com/neetstuff/createnewneatuser.jsp to something like http://newuser.myneetosite.com Well your gonna have to map the address in your webserver to handle this. So that leaves the question: Which webserver are you using?
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    hi, thanks for your reply, well we are using orion web server. any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks again. harish pathak