News: Super 9.0 released with SuperWebservice

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    Acelet (http://www.acelet.com) has released a new version of Super, a toolkit for J2EE. The new module, SuperWebservice, provides capability to visually create Web Service jobs, which can be exported to SuperScheduler and SuperWatchdog. You can call a Web Service by selecting a control. SuperWebservice is a client of Web Service. It allows you to do the following things visually:
    • Use the GUI UDDI explorer to discover information about Web Services.
    • Invoke a Web Service by clicking.
    • Export a selected Web Service as a job for SuperScheduler and SuperWatchdog.
    No programming is required. Your keyboard is necessary if you want input values for the invocation. Free Standard license can be downloaded anonymously.
  2. It is good. SuperWebservice uses UDDI. What is the future of UDDI?
  3. It is good.
    SuperWebservice uses UDDI. What is the future of UDDI?
    UDDI as public registries will not fly. There is no governance, there is no data quality. But, UDDI as private registries is useful. For example, Ford can do B2B by setting a UDDI looking for parts. A part supplier can discover and invoke web service from the UDDI. Ford will maintain its UDDI and the data quality will be good. There is a need for web service registries. SuperWebservice uses UDDI for your convenience. If you know the URL for the WSDL, SuperWebservice allows you to bypass UDDI. You can type your WSDL and invoke it. You do not have to use UDDI. Wei Jiang Acelet Perfecting Java EE!
  4. super! i haven't been this excited since the last coldtags announcement