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  1. Hi, I recently found an old ebook for struts on Internet and followed the examples in it. When I try to run the first example, I have the error. the struts-config.xml file is as follows: .... .... The index.jsp is as follows: and the error I am getting is 'Attribute name invalid for tag form according to TLD'. I tried changing the jsp code to ' but it showed me something like 'Cannot find Action-mapping and ActionBeans'. I am using Tomcat 5.5, Struts 1.2.9. the class files are in the wiley directory. Can someone help, i dont know where I went wrong?

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    Hi i got the solution by changing the load-on-startup to 0 from 1 in web.xm; file. I dont know what does that mean. But now I get another error when click submit button on index.jsp page. the error is 'No action instance for path /Lookup could be created' Can someone help please?
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    I got the solution, the LookupAction class was not extending Action class.