News: Advanced EJB3 Persistence talk by Linda Demichiel and Mike Keith

  1. One of the key results of the work on EJB 3.0 has been the introduction of a lightweight POJO persistence model for Java EE. This work on persistence has also been expanded to include use in Java SE environments - i.e. "outside the Java EE container". This JavaPolis talk (Login required) covers key aspects of the Java Persistence API, including changes since the publication of the JSR 220 Public Draft. Topics covered include: * Brief overview of the developer view of the new POJO persistence model * EntityManager API and entity bean lifecycle * Persistence units and persistence contexts * Detached objects vs extended persistence contexts * Object/Relational Mapping using Java metadata annotations and/or XML * Query API, and the mapping of query results * Extending the use of the Persistence API outside of the Java EE container * Constructs for packaging and deployment Watch the talk here.
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