EJB design: Dear friends i need your help to do sun certification(SCJP)

  1. I am going to do sun certification(SCJP) in this month. But, don't have any sun certification materials. I can't even download files from my company also. so, if you have any materials regarding this please send to awm_riaz at yahoo dot com It will be very useful for me. Thanks in Advance. Bye...
  2. Hallo, Try this one "Online SCJP Java 5 Mock Exam" on http://home.wanadoo.nl/mrzljak/en/biz/exam.html Success
  3. check http://www.techfaq360.com/reg.jsp Declarations, Initialization and Scoping Set-1 Exception Set-2 Var-args Set-3 Autoboxing/unboxing Set-4 enum types Set-5 Collections/Generics Set-6 Thread and Concurrency Set-7 Files and Serializable Set-8 Class and Class Hierarchy Set-9 Mix Set-10 Mix Set-11 Mix Set-12 Mix Set-13 Mix Set-14 Mix Set-15 You will get very good exposure ..