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    i'm looking for a lightweight jsp framework that would allow rapid development. i have to build a simple databse driven website. there will be some tables with simple relationships. i need frontend which will basically display data and bakcend that will allow insererting, removing and updating data. hardly any logic besides that. i'm looking for something that would work like 'ruby on rails' for jsp: read my database structure and create pages for simple actions like list, insert, delete, edit automatically. i don't need it to be internally similar to RoR. i just want to avoid the mundane coding. i'd prefer something lightweight and simple. the project is a small microsite that is quite indenpent of the client's main site but is going to be hosted by them. it is their requirements to use jsp. any help would be apprectiated. thanks, michal
  2. you can start with : www.springframework.com Spring and hibernate is a good combination which might work for you. There are other in the same space as pico,....
  3. Have a look at appfuse![ Go to top ]

    http://appfuse.org/ Cheers, René