EJB design: How to generate entity beans from existing DB schema

  1. How to generate entity beans from existing DB schema (2 messages)

    Hi all-

    I would like to create a J2EE proof-of-concept for my employer.

    I'm having trouble understanding how I can generate a set of Entity Beans from our existing schema in Oracle 8.1.6.

    I understand well how to create new entity/session beans and deploy them using the RI and cloudscape.

    I've also discovered that with Kawa's Entity Bean wizard, I can accomplish this. But deploying that in weblogic is a mystery to me at this point (nothing that reading the doco wouldn't cure).

    Also, I have installed a demo of webgain/weblogic/structure builder/turboXML. So far they haven't given me a eval key.

    What's my best bet? Can Jdeveloper and 9ias do this? It seems that there should be a very easy way to generate a set of beans for my existing schema, and deploy them.

    Help please.
    -Dan Maher
  2. I've tried to use JBuilder 4.0 Enterprise and it's Entity Beans Modeler, but there are whole bunch of problems with generated beans. Maybe it should work, but I cannot solve this problem too...
  3. It looks like Visual Cafe Enterprise Edition will do this.