EJB programming & troubleshooting: How can I deploy a bean without usiung a tool like Visal Cafe

  1. hi,all
      Can you tell me that :Can I deploy a bean without using a tool like Visal cafe? that is, I deploy the bean manuly.
    Thanks .
  2. Just put the bean in the applications folder of u'r domain and it automatically gets deployed when the server starts or in case the server is running, the deployment takes place on the fly....
    Anything else...
  3. first method is what u call the cold deploy , in this u shut down the server , add the path of ur new bean in the weblogic.properties file in the Weblogic Ejb Properties section, and restart the server , ur new bean will automatically get deploy if u have given correct path.

    second method is what u call the hot deploy.
    go to the command propt of ur server and use this command
    java weblogic.deploy -port port#[port on which ur server is running] -host hostname[name of ur server machine] deploy password[password of ur server] name[name of the component u want to deploy] source[full path of the component]